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United Cargo Fleet — Объединенный Грузовой Флот

History of Holding

The history of the Holding began  in 2005  the management company «United Cargo Fleet Ltd» was founded to operate two universal cargo vessels 5095 deadweight built in China. These boats were built on Chinese private shipyards in the Taizhou province. The method of construction is traditional Chinese: on the concrete ground involving a large number of subcontractors and very cheap labor. Originally, vessels had been constructed under the rules of internal Chinese Register ZC until 70 % completion. After that they were carefully surveyed by the Singapore Register ISC and adopted by decision about possibility of reclassifying these vessels into international class of ISC and the construction was finished under the supervision of ISC.


Tripartite contracts concluded for shipbuilding with large state-owned company as the third party of the contracts as negotiator and guarantor favoured successful completion of vessels construction in China. A modern design, good quality-price ratio, the presence of international class allowed to start immediate operation of the new vessels. Later on it was decided to sell one of them and the second  m/v "Melwill" and m/v "Nikolay Savitskiy" (charter boat) remained in the operational management of the subsidiary «UCF Management Ltd». The parent company "United Cargo Fleet" continued its activities in the field of shipbuilding as during construction of the first vessels had accumulated valuable experience, expanded and improved communication with the Chinese party, has increased the degree of mutual trust and understanding, which was a very difficult task that took considerable attention and time.

During this time relationship with China's State Corporation for Export and Import of machinery and equipment "Mashimpeks" became stronger. 27 March  2007 at the international exhibition "Year of China in Russia," the company signed with "Mashimpeks" a long-term agreement for up to 10 years of shipbuilding for more than $ 300 million.The contract was signed by the president of the Holding "United Cargo Fleet" Yury Lebedev and by the vice-president of the corporation "Mashimpeks" Ho Gojong. The signing ceremony was attended by the first vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev, vice-premier Wu Yi, minister of economic development German Gref and minister of commerce Bo Xilai. The exhibition was opened by President Vladimir Putin and President Hu Jintao.


                                                          The ceremony of exhibition opening

The ceremony of agreement signing. On the right photo from left to right standing: minister of economic development and trade of Russia German Gref; vice-premier of Russia Dmitry Medvedev; vice-premier of China Wu Yi; minister of commerce of China Bo Xilai. At the forefront: president of the Holding "United Cargo Fleet" Yury Lebedev and vice-president of the Corporation "Mashimpeks" Ho Gojong.

Since 2007 "United Cargo Fleet" executes shipbuilding contracts with Chinese shipyards for the construction of sea-river type vessels deadweight 5185 tons.The project  RSD18 series was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau from Odessa and is owned by the holding. In 2007 at the Chinese shipyard in Wyhan were laid the keels for future four vessels which were named «UCF-1», «UCF-2», «UCF-3» and «UCF-4». In 2010 at the Zhoushan's shipyard were laid the keels of other two vessels named «UCF-5» and «UCF-6». A construction is carried out under permanent supervision of inspectors of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). In 2009 the hull of the first vessel was launched and another 3 hulls were launched in 2010.

Signing of the first contracts for construction of vessels in China, classification and technical supervision by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). The Contract was signed 21 February 2007 in St.Petersburg by deputy director of RS Vladimir Karpenko and by director of UCF Sergey Lokhankin.

Later the hulls were towed to other Chinese shipyards for completion of construction. In September 2011 m/vs «UCF-3» and «UCF-4» were constructed and put into operation. The completion of construction of the «UCF-1» and «UCF-2» and launching of «UCF-5» and «UCF-6»  is planned at the end of 2011.

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