United Cargo Fleet —


The president of holding "United Cargo Fleet",

owner of the companies-shipowners managed by the holding

Yury Lebedev

Born in Moscow, 1963

Education and training:

  • 1985: Graduated with honours from the Moscow Financial Institute (presently the Financial Academy is under the Government of the Russian Federation) with degree in international economics.

  • 1988: Has obtained PhD on the subject: "Monetary-credit polisy of Central Banks of Western Europe"

  • 1990-1991: Trainee with Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt, Germany

Business experience:

  • 1988-1991: Lecturer of the Moscow Financial Institute. Member of Sciences Council.
  • 1991-1992: First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of All-Russia stock-exchange bank (Vserossiiskiy birzhevoi bank)
  • 1992-1996: Chairman of the Nezavisimost Bank (Independence)
  • 1996-1998: Head of the department for regional development of the Oneximbank
  • 1998-2000: Vice-President of the Rosbank
  • 2000-2005: First Vice-President of the Zenith Bank
  • 2003-2007: Member of the Board of Directors of the Globexbank


  • President of the Global Investments Corporation (a head company of the Group).
  • President of the United Cargo Fleet Ltd
  • President of the Real Estate Company Promokom (operates own 7000 sq. meters of warehouse and office premises and others in the city of Moscow)
  • President of the Sevagro Company (Northern agro-industrial group) (operates own 27000 hectares of agricultural land in Tver' region)
  • President of the Southern Agro-industrial Group which includes the YugZerno company (development of the Russian grain exports infrastructure)
  • President of the Company Russian diamonds (cutting Russian origin diamonds, production and distribution of jewelry with diamonds)

Personal information:

  • 2006: Awarded with the National Order of Merit (Ordre National du Mérite Agricole) by French Government for his contribution in agriculture
  • Author of several scientific papers on actual problem of Russian economy

Commercial director "United Cargo Fleet"

Denis Lounev

Born in Kerch, 1971

Education and training:

  • 1993: Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University, the faculty of translation, French and English languages department on a speciality "Translator- reviewer".
  • 1998: Received the second higher education in the Russian Economic Academy in Moscow on a speciality "Finance and credit".
  • 2001-2002.: Completed study in the Oslo Shipping Academy in Norway on a speciality "International trade and maritime logistic".

Business experience:

  • 1993-1995.: An employee of the foreign economic relations department in the city of Vladimir.
  • 1995-1998.: Sakhalin Shipping Company. Last position is a executive director of "-Moscow" - representative office of the Sakhalin Shipping Company in Moscow.
  • 1998-2007.: German shipping and forwarding company "RMT Trading GmbH". Started to work as a freight broker; finished on the position of a head of shipping division (management and maintenance of own company's fleet).
Since 2008 works in holding "United Cargo Fleet".

Personal information:

  • Has 10 years of experience in chartering and brokerage work of the bulk cargoes in the Azov-Black sea and Caspian sea basins and project work in the field of S&P and the financing of shipping assets with attraction of foreign financing including the EBRD, ING, Paribas, Dresdner Bank , Amsterdam Trade Bank.
  • In 2005 was awarded to a medal of the United Nations "Prevention Rescue Assistance" as a participant of the extreme humanitarian operation.

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