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June 2012


On June 05 m/v UCF-1 was launched at the shipyard in Yangzhou. The launch was made from the slip where she was dragged for checking and painting of underwater part of the hull. All works were completed. The shipyard has started to realization of dockside trials.

Launching of m/v "UCF-1"

May 2012

Hulls of "UCF-1" and "UCF-2" were dragged into the slip for checking and certification of the underwater parts. Checking by the inspector of RS showed good condition of the hulls and propeller-rudder systems. Partial fouling of the hulls was found as a result of long staying in river water. Cleaning and painting by a new antifouling coverage were made for this reason.Interior finishing, installation of isolation A60 inside and in holds, installation of insulation of exhausts are made on the vessels. The hatch covers of "UCF-1" after sealing were installed on the staffing position. The vessel is preparing for dockside and sea trails.

Dragging  of ''UCF-2" on the slip in Yangzhou

M/v "UCF-1"  is at the shipyard after painting

Checking for leaks of ballast tanks, installation of shaft struts and stern tubes is completed on the vessel 5 at the shipyard in Zhoushan. The assembly of the stern, bow and Engine rooms sections is completed on the vessel  6, laying of cable lines is started. The shipyard begins to receive the equipment. All diesel-generators, pumps and other mechanisms have been delivered to shipyard. Development testing of main engines for m/v 5 has been conducted at the engine factory.

Installation of shaft strut on "UCF-5" in Zhoushan

April 2012

M/v Melwill has passed from 30th  of March to 16th of April her scheduled SSDD for the next 5 years at the shipyard Cindemir in Turkey. The hull and decks were painted, stern-tube gland and hull protection. were replaced. The steering gear, seachests, main valves, pumps and other mechanisms were repaired. All necessary documents have been obtained after survey of the vessel by inspector of Register. On April 17, she left for the first voyage after repair.

Towing of the vessels "UCF-1" and "UCF-2" at the shipyard in Yangzhou have been finished in China. Officially works on the further construction began on April 16.

M/v 'Melwill" in dock  in Turkey

March 2012

Documents have been signed in respect of "UCF-1" and "UCF-2" transfer from shipyard in Wuhan due to a difficult shipyard's financial situation. Preparation has started to relocation vessels to a new shipyard near Yangzhou city. 

January 2012.

Construction of the m/v "UCF-5" and "UCF-6" are continued at the shipyard in Zhoushan. The pipelines and other ships systems are actively installed on the vessels. The works are conducted under the constant supervision of RS inspectors.

M/v "UCF-3" and "UCF-4"continued to trade in the basin of Black and Mediterranean seas.

M/v "UCF-3" at Nikolaev port

Installation of pipelines on m/v "UCF-5"

December 2011

On December 11, m/v UCF-3 and UCF-4 have finished voyage from China to Mediterranean Sea.  Vessels were loaded in Korea after leaving of China and then called to Singapore. After then, they took bunker in Singapore and went to Colombo, Sri-Lanka, crossed Arabian Sea, Golf of Aden and called to Red Sea. Passage was completed by crossing of Suez Canal. Finally, UCF-3 went to Damietta port (Egypt) and UCF-4 went to Mangaliya port (Rumania).

Vessels passed over 8,000 miles during the voyage. All ships systems, mechanisms and constructions were tested in different marine conditions.  First maintenance showed good results on all parameters and characteristics. Crew members of both vessels performed the task and completed the first voyage successfully.

"UCF-4" in Mangaliya port

September 2011

Acts of acceptance-transfer of the vessels "UCF-3" and "UCF-4" from the shipyard are signed. Documents from Flag administration, RS and Chinese custom are obtained.  The ceremony of flag-raising  took place on the board of "UCF-3" and "UCF-4" on September 21. The vessels are put into operation from this date and prepared for the maiden voyage.


August 2011

The sea trials and radio equipment testing of m/v "UCF-3" and "UCF-4" have finished. Inspectors of RS are begining to prepare vessel's certificates. The necessary  data was sent to Barbados maritime administration for preparing  of Flag's documents.

M/v "UCF-3"  "UCF-4" after sea trails, Zhoushan

July 2011

A business trip to Beijing of a the holding's delegation headed by its president Yury Lebedev took place from 12 to 16 July. Stages of transferring of the first six vessels series RSD18 in 2011 were defined during the negotiations in the "Mashimpeks". The initial conditions of contract for construction in China of two new ships this series were specified and agreed by both sides.

July 2011

An official letter from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was received by the president of the holding "United Cargo Fleet" Yury Lebedev.

The Project may be found at the EBRD site

June 2011

June 27 m/v "UCF-4" (IMO number 9481910) finished dockside trials and the first stage of sea trials.
M/v "UCF-3" is working to eliminate the comments identified in the first stage of sea trials.

May 2011

May 25 m/v "UCF-3" (IMO number 9481908) whose construction is completed at the Chinese shipyard in Shanghai area went to sea trials. On the board of the ship are the inspectors of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the group of monitoring from the Customer and the officers of the future crew.
M/v "UCF-4" (IMO number 9481910) is also in the final stages of construction, and its access to sea trials shipyard plan within one or two weeks after trials of "UCF-3".

March 2011

March 31a meeting with a new management of state corporation "Mashimpeks" has been held. The meeting passed in Beijing and had rather constructive character.

At the meeting were present from the Chinese party:

- The vice-president of "Mashimpeks" Mr. Zhang Guodong

- The chief of department of shipbuilding Mr. Yuan Yi Ping

- The deputy chief of department of shipbuilding of Zhang Guofeng

From "UCF" party:

- The vice-president Sergey Lohankin

It has been discussed as a construction of vessel which already are at final stage, and plans of the future constructions in the Chinese shipyards through mediation of Mashimpeks". The parties have planned steps on implementation of plans "UCF" on vessels construction in China and have discussed conditions of the next contract to construct the vessels of sea-river type.

Sergey Lokhankin (at the left) and Zhang Guodong (on the right) at the meeting

February 2011

The construction of the vessels "UCF-3" "UCF-4" at the shipyard in China enters into final stage. The shipyard is planned to begin a dockside trials during the near future.

"UCF-3" and "UCF-4" near a dockside.

"UCF-3" and "UCF-4" at a final stage.

Internal premises of the vessel  "UCF-3"

January 2011

The experts of Marine Engineering Bureau (designer) have conducted a careening on a head vessel and defined her real displacement. The experience has shown that the received results practically coincide with the Project data (a difference less than 0, 2 %). Vessels "UCF-3"and "UCF-4" are in dock of a new shipyard where the installation of screw-rudder complexes comes to finish. Assemblage of the hulls 5 and 6 continues at the same shipyard.

"UCF-3" is lying at dock.

Works on the hull 6 continue.

November 2010

Construction work on vessels of the project RSD18 at the shipyard under Shanghai is conducted according to approved schedule. Prepared sections before installing are handled with sandblast cleaning and painting in a special workshop. Construction of sections and their installation is carried out under the continual supervision of RMRS and engineers of the customers monitoring group.

On the photo below: the process of assembling the board and hold sections.


July 2010

Construction of the vessels 3 - 6 at the order of "United Cargo Fleet" is resumed at shipyard in Shanghai. This is construction of dry-cargo vessels series RSD18 launched at shipyard in Wuhan.

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